Works avaible for rental

My self-published compositions are available in PDF for self-print.

Here we go :

  • You order the parts with the following formular.
  • You recieve an e-mail that confirms your order.
  • You will recieve a mail within 48 with a contract to sign and to send me back.
  • When the contract is signed and the payment made, you will recieve the PDF by e-mail!

If you would like to recieve your parts by post, or for any questions or special demand, feel free to contact me !

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Shine (Wind Band) - Complete set
Waterfall (Wind Band) - Complete set
Stratoscape (Wind Band) - Complete set
Intrada Furiosa (Symphonic Wind Band) - Complete set
Intrada Furiosa (Brass Ensemble) – Set complet

Works available for sale

Some of my works should be ordered directly from the publisher.

Postcards from tomorrow

Published by Accademia 2008

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