for Wind Band

Tone Poem • 2020
Grade 4 (advanced) • 10:00 • available for rental

Instrumentation : Picc, 2Fl, Ob, Bsn, EbCl(opt), 3Cl, BCl, 2ASax, TSax, BSax, 3Tpt, 2Hn, 3Tbn, Euph, Tba, Piano(opt), DBs(opt), // 4Perc (3Timp, SuspCymb, SD, BD, Tri, Tom(low), RainSt, 2WB, BsChimes, SleighB, T-T, CrashC, Vibra, Glock, Tamb, Xylo, TubB)

The principal theme of Waterfall was inspired by a walk near the Pissevache, a waterfall that makes my hometown proud. This piece is also a reflection about homesickness. Indeed, I composed Waterfall during the lockdown due to the COVID-19 that made me spend more time with my family, which was something very welcome. For me, this waterfall symbolizes a return to the springs: the water isn’t the same as years ago, but the waterfall is always here, the same as during my childhood.

The first theme of Waterfall comes up in the first measures in the form of an epic brassy melody. The following allegro uses the theme in a giocoso way, then in a more heroic way. Then comes an aleatoric section intended to depict a Sunday morning in spring, as the bells of the church are ringing. The tune played by the Tubular Bells is an original one from my hometown’s church. The central part of the piece presents a slow and soft theme, sometimes very childish, which brings back the sweet memories of my childhood, like the games in the forest near the waterfall. This theme is taken back in the following section in a majestic way. The piece ends in an allegro with the theme of the first part of the piece.

The work was premiered on October 9th 2020 by the Wind Band Societat Musical ‘La Constància’ of Moixent (Spain) and was conducted by dir. José Alberto Pina.