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2020 • Harmonie • Grade 3.5 • 11′

Stratoscape will lead you and your musicians in a journey at tens of kilometers up in the sky, in the stratosphere. Please embark in our plane and enjoy the impressive view of our planet as seen from the sky !

The work is playable by a more or less variable instrumentation and by musicians of intermediate level, but it is also offering diverse solistic interventions and also a lot of percussion. It is obviously possible to adapt with the number of musicians and the disponibility of percussion instruments.

The theme exposed in the first four bars of the piece is the basic musical material oft he whole work, wich follows the following structure: Intro, A, B, C, Coda. The piece offers different atmospheres and lots of contrasts : in the first part (letter B), energic and enthousiastic moments representing the flight contrast with the minimalistic moments at letter E. At letter F begins a new part, with appeased but also nostalgic moments, as if we were admiring our planet that we know so beatiful and precious, but that we are so efficient at destroying. A sudden return to the first theme and to the initial tonality (letter N) leads to a 7/8 section developing the musical material of the A section, with elements of the other sections. Finally, a little coda leads to a stirring finale.

The work has not been played yet.

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