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2017 • Harmonie • Grade 3 • 4′10

The title Shine means to me « Glimmer of hope ». Hope, in our incertain world where we sometimes feel so lonely and insignificant. This piece pays tribute to all the people who acted so that our world becomes more beautiful. It is an homage to all the people who once warmed our hearts. I am sure that everybody has somebody in mind when reading this sentence. Think about that somebody. Think about that glimmer of hope.

The beginning of the piece is melancholic, nostalgic, maybe even sad. The theme is very simple and natural. It leads to a first climax, and then, to a little moment of quiet : we are recovering. We can find our enthusiasm back : the glimmer of hope comes up! The theme comes back, this time more vivacious and warm, and it leads to a victorious finale.

The work has not been played yet.